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Exquisite Wine Selection

Indulge in the ultimate wine experience with our impeccable collection. Our carefully curated selection boasts the finest wines from around the world. From exquisite reds to elegant whites, our cellar houses the best varietals to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Discover the artistry of winemaking as you explore our unparalleled assortment. Join us and elevate your taste for wine to new heights.


Premium Bourbon Selection

Step into our haven where bourbon dreams come alive, In our liquor store, Kentucky's treasures thrive. With pride, we showcase premiums, rare and bold, A curated selection, stories of olden days unfold. From the heart of bourbon country, these bottles hail, Each sip a journey, a rich and flavorful tale. Golden amber whispers secrets of the past, In every glass, a legacy unsurpassed. Enthusiasts and seekers of the sublime, Discover Kentucky's finest, a sip at a time.


Diverse Tequila Options

Introducing our exceptional tequila collection, A selection of the finest spirits, beyond perfection. Crafted with passion, expertise, and precision, Indulge in the taste that defies any comparison. From smooth Reposados to aged AƱejos, we deliver, An experience that will make every sip quiver. Explore our tequila paradise, where quality reigns supreme, Discover the best of the agave, fulfilling every tequila dream at 54 Wine & Spirits.


Quality Vodka Collection

Elevating spirits with refined taste and class, Our liquor store boasts a vodka collection unsurpassed. Smooth as silk, our selection stands apart, Crafted to perfection, a work of liquid art. From classic to craft, each bottle holds delight, A symphony of flavors, dancing through the night. Crystal-clear and pure, with a touch of finesse, In every sip, our vodka collection aims to impress. For aficionados seeking excellence in every pour, Discover the epitome of smoothness, at our store.

Don't want's to wait..

Ready To Drink

ntroducing our exceptional collection of ready-to-drink cocktails, where taste meets convenience. Each bottle is meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, delivering a harmonious blend of flavors. From classic concoctions to innovative twists, our selection caters to every palate, ensuring a delightful experience with every sip. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the luxury of bar-quality cocktails without the hassle of mixing or measuring. Elevate your social gatherings or unwind after a long day with our best-in-class ready-to-drink cocktails


54 Family Bar

Within our 54 Family bar's embrace, a collection flourishes wide, Bourbon, vodka, tequila unite, casting a spirited tide. Diverse flavors intertwine, catering to every taste, While new launches, Barrel Peak, and rarities are embraced. A realm of exploration where libations freely flow, Each sip a journey, new experiences to bestow. From the rarest finds to innovative blends that spark, Our bar is a canvas where flavors leave a mark. With every test and tasting, we elevate the bar, A haven where connoisseurs and enthusiasts gather from afar.



Our KAGS beer taps pour forth a diverse array, Child beers and IPAs, delight in every spray. From lagers light to hoppy ales that sing, A symphony of flavors, each one a distinct offering. Child beers bring crisp refreshment to the fore, While IPAs burst with hops, a taste to explore. Variety thrives in every glass we pour, Crafting a beer experience worth coming back for. Raise your glass and savor the brews we hold, At KAGS taps, beer stories and flavors unfold.

Our Story

For six years strong, in the liquor trade we thrive, Two stores that stand as beacons where tastes come alive. A new chapter unfolds as 54 Wine & Spirits we embrace, A commitment to excellence and service we trace. With a vision to provide, we step into the light, Crafting an experience where every sip feels right. From beers bold to spirits rare, our shelves gleam, A curated collection that fulfills every dream. Through the years and acquisitions, we persist, Delivering the finest, our legacy in each twist. Best service, best collection, our promise resounds, In the world of libations, our reputation astounds.

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